Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Melbourne 

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We are Located in 1/31 Onslow Ave. Campbellfield Near Gowrie Railway Station –(Glenroy ) & Keon Station Thomastown.

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Pre-Inspection 3

Our pre-purchase inspection procedure and the detailed customer report provided will answer a wide range of questions such as:
– has the vehicle got any faults?
– has the vehicle been repaired previously?
– has past servicing been completed to the required standards and correctly?
– are there any services items due?
– are there any faults that the dealer / seller should repair as part of the sale process?

Pre-Purchase Inspections and Road Tests
Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs offers a ‘Pre Purchase Inspection’. The idea of the pre purchase inspection is that before committing to the purchase of a car you can have a comprehensive independent evaluation done that is designed to protect the buyer.
Regularly this industry sees un-suspecting people get burnt when they purchase second hand cars as they are under the false illusion that they’re a good car because they have a road worthy certificate.
A road worthy certificate does not mean that a car’s in good condition.
In a ‘Pre Purchase Inspection’ Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs will put the vehicle on a hoist and remove all the wheels so that nothing is missed. We carry out an extremely comprehensive safety/service inspection of the undercarriage, under bonnet and interior. Our inspection covers all roadworthy items and much more. Included in this inspection is a cooling system pressure test and an engine compression test.
The inspection is then followed by a road test and a detailed report listing all faults and future service items and forecasting any possible problems and financial outlays.

Get A Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Before You Buy That Car.

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Scan Computer for Codes

We pull engine codes, transmission codes and monitor live data streams. Any code or component that is out of range will be documented on your inspection report.

Engine Preformance Test

Making sure the engine performs as it was designed to. Ensuring that it fires on all cylinders and gets up and goes when you need it to is one of our top priorities.

Cooling System Integrity

Using a hydrometer we will test the integrity of the system. We will check for leaks paying close attention to the operating temperature at all times.

Exhaust System for Leaks

From the exhaust manifolds , catalytic converters to the muffler we will check the system for leaks, cracks, rust or holes present that need to be repaired.

Transmission and Drivetrain

Automatic or manual we will make sure that shifting is smooth and responsive. Checking for slack in the u-joints on the drive shaft, cv axles and wheel bearings.

Wiper and Washer System

Ever driven in the rain without wipers? What a blinding experience! We will make sure your wiper controls, fluid disbursement and linkage are ready for the elements.rain

Tire and Wheel Inspection

Another important aspect of the inspection. We will check the tires for uniform size, tread depth, inflation and dry rot and the wheels for cracks and bends.

Accessories and options

Making sure they all work! Heated seats, cooled seats, entertainment systems, navigation systems, remote controls, keyless entry, sunroof, back up camera.....

Body and Frame Inspection

We check for body filler, unusual discoloration or ripples in the paint and straightness in the frame. Anything that may be hiding we will bring into the light. 

Light and Horn Inspection

We inspect the headlights, fog lights, tail lights, cargo lights, stop lights, emergency flashers, turn signals and indicators on the interior dashboard as well as the horn.

Window and Door Inspection

We will inspect the glass for cracks and the tint for scratches and air pockets. We will ensure windows and door locks roll up and down, defrost, and door locks.

Cruise Control Inspection

Ready for a long drive? We check the acceleration and deceleration control as well as the brake pedal initiated control and the resume feature.

Interior Upholstry Inspection

We will look for discoloration, tears, loose fabric, smoking stains and burn holes, paying close attention to the headliner, dash, cosmetic panel pieces, etc..

Brake and Traction Control

Let's not forget the brakes! We will put the brakes and traction control through the paces so that you and your family have the stopping power you need when you need it.

Starting and Charging System

We will test the charging rate of the alternator, the starter draw on the battery, terminals for corrosion, water level of the battery and for any other visible conditions.

Steering and Suspension

We will examine steering components such as tie rods, ball joints, rack and pinion for leaks, axles and differentials for tears and leaks.

Heating and Air Conditioning

AC can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. We test the overall function including, dash controls front and rear, compressor operation and low side head pressure. 

Seat belts and Safety Features

This is one of the most scrutinized parts of the inspection. We will make sure all seat belts and safety features that are available function correctly to ensure your safety. 

Check all Fluid Levels

Fluids can tell a story all by themselves. Brake fluid low...could need pads. Low coolant could be the sign of a much bigger problem like a head gasket, radiator or water pump.

City/Highway Test Drive

When permitted we will road test the vehicle. Road tests are good when testing many functions of the vehicle like braking, alignment and engine performance.