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Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs

We are located in 1/31 Onslow Avenue Campbellfield Near Growrie Railway Station ( Glenroy ) and Keon Station Thomastown.

Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs we Service & Repair all Abarth models.
Abarth 595 Service & Repairs Melbourne
Alfa Romeo Abarth Fiat Lancia Service Repairs Campbellfield
Abarth 595 Mechanical Repairs Workshop

At Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs we Service & Repair all Abarth models.

Abarth 595 Service 03-93599499
We specialise in  Abarth Log book service, Abarth repairs and maintenance.

At Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs we can complete your log book service for your new car without voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.We will also stamp your service book , to avoid any possible warranty issues.

Our workshop is equipped with Premium Dealer Level Multi System Multi Vehicle Complete Diagnostic & Programming Scan Tool – Alfa Romeo Abarth Fiat. that allows us to perform repairs on your vehicle to exact specifications.

We use several vehicle diagnostic software packages enabling us to offer extensive diagnostic services to our customers.

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Servicing all Abarth models Spare Parts

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Consumer Affairs Victoria states that scheduled services can be done by qualified independent mechanics without affecting your warranty as long as genuine parts are used. Simply tell us when you book your car service that the car is under warranty and we will use genuine parts in your car.