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At Frank Donnini Mechanical Repairs in Campbellfield Frank Donnini  has invested in the latest Premium Dealer Level Multi System Multi Vehicle Complete Diagnostic & Programming Scan Tool.Alfa Romeo Abarth Fiat.

Dealer Level Multi System Multi Vehicle Complete Diagnostic & Programming Scan Tool.Covers Cars up to & including 2016 models & European and Local Cars.

This is a dealer level highly comprehensive automotive diagnostic package which has a long list of standard diagnostic functions and extra special functions which are generally only found in high end main dealer workshops.

It is one of the most extensive & customised kits on the market in 2016, covering over 65 manufacturers from Europe, America & Asia (see full coverage list below)  is built on a unique platform with high speed stable diagnosis software.

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  • Read & clear fault codes in ALL systems
  • Conduct DPF forced regeneration
  • EPB Electronic Parking Brake Reset
  • TMPS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • ABS bleeding
  • Component testing
  • Battery reset
  • Reset parking sensor faults
  • Reset steering angle sensor
  • Read vehicle & ECU information
  • Read data stream (includes graphing)
  • Adaption
  • Throttle reset
  • Key, ECU, car door, car window programming
  • Steering angle sensor programming
  • Gear learning
  • Control unit programming
  • Actuation
  • Reset oil service lights
  • Resets service interval mileage
  • Replaces & recalibrates brake pads safely
  • Compatible with vehicles before 1996
  • Freeze frame data
  • I/M readiness
  • Supports all OBD2 protocols & all test modes
  • O2 mon. test, on-board mon. test
  • On board camera coverage
  • Turn off warning lights for check engine
  • Turn off warning lights for ABS/ESP/Stability
  • Turn off warning lights for SRS airbags
  • Capture, save & print screenshots for convenience
  • Covers up to & including 2016 models

Diagnostic Scan Tools Alfa Fiat Abarth 03 93599499

Vehicle Coverage

Alfa Romeo   1992 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
Audi   1990 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
BMW   1988 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Citroen   1993 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Fiat   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Ford (European)   1995 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Jaguar   1995 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Lancia   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Land Rover   1995 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Mercedes   1991 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
MG   1995 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Opel/Vauxhall   1997 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Porsche   1997 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Peugeot   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Renault   1992 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Rover   1994 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
Saab   1993 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
Seat   1993 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Skoda  1994 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Smart   1998 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Sprinter   1995 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Volvo   1991 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
VW   1988 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Daewoo 1988 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Daihatsu   1984 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
Honda   1989 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Hyundai   1988 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Isuzu   1995 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Kia   1993 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Mazda   1994 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
Mitsubishi   1988 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Nissan   1991 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
Ssangyong   1993 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Subaru   1996 – Latest   (MORE INFO)
Suzuki   1993 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Toyota   1990 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Lexus   1990 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Infiniti   1991 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Acura   1989 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Chrysler   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Ford (USA)   1984 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
GM   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Ford (Australia)   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Holden   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Proton   1996 – Latest    (MORE INFO)
Diagnostic Scanning and Fault Code Reading & Clearing.

When we refer to diagnostics, we’re generally speaking of troubleshooting an electrical component in the vehicle such as a sensor failure for the engine management system that would turn on the “Check Engine” light. But realistically a diagnostic could be anything where a specialized piece of equipment is needed to pinpoint test a component in any system in your vehicle.


With today”s techological advancements it has become a common mis-conception that automotive repair shop have a piece of equipent that simply plugs into the car and tells you what”s wrong with it. While diagnostic equipment has come a long ways,the most any equipment can do is provide a code number to piont the techncian in the right direction and live sensor data so that the techncian can see what the vehicle computer is seeing, The technician still has to pinpoint test each component in the system to correctly diagnose the failure.


  • Has an engine management or check engine light appeared or is flashing on your dash?
  • If you see this light, it means the computer system on your vehicle has detected a problem within one or some of the various systems it controls. In most instances when this light appears, a diagnostic trouble code will be stored within the computer system to help identify the fault.
  • Your vehicle may also enter into “limp mode” or “fail safe” where it runs on a predetermined program in 3rd gear to allow you to “limp” home or to your mechanical workshop.
  • These issues usually indicate a computer system fault, such as a faulty switch, sensor or wiring fault.
  • To identify the cause of the fault, a scan tool or code reader will need to be connected to your vehicles computer to retrieve the faults that have been stored. Most vehicles also have a history section where codes may be stored for a few weeks.
  • On most vehicles the connector is located at the driver’s compartment. Once the code reader is plugged in, we can retrieve the trouble codes stored in your computer’s memory. These codes are the same codes dealers use to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Once we retrieve the fault codes, we can, in most instances, tell you the problem with your car, what is required to repair the fault and the cost.
  • Diagnosis of all vehicle electronics including:
  • Engine management Electronic transmission control (ETC)Airbag systems (SRS)All braking and traction control systems including ASR, ESP, ETS, ABS, BAS, SBCAll electrical faults including ignition, lighting, central locking.
  • What is vehicle reprogramming?
  • Reprogramming is the process of replacing the existing software in a vehicle controller with new software by electronically transferring approved calibration files from a vehicle manufacturer’s website.  (Also known as reflashing, flashing, programming or reconfiguring.)
  • Why is reprogramming so important?
  • 1. Automobile manufacturers are constantly making changes to their controller software – making cars more efficient, fixing problems that have been discovered, fine tuning components and systems, updating cut points as cars age, solving problems such as rough idle and hard starting, repairing emissions related problems and many others.
  • 2. New controllers replaced in a vehicle require programming to match the exact specifications and option list on the car being repaired.
  • 3. Many of the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) issued by automobile manufacturers require reprogramming with the latest software updates to repair problems that are occurring with vehicles on the road even after their warranties have expired.
  • Isn’t reprogramming just for cars that are still under warranty so only dealers will need this capability?
  • Maybe you thought only cars still under warranty are being reprogrammed and it’s just not worth your while.  Over 100 million cars on the road today support  J2534 reprogramming.  Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 vehicles on the road require a calibration update.
  • Auto Manufacturers are constantly updating controller software to solve problems such as false DTCs, hesitation, rough idle, emissions problems, hard starting, poor fuel economy and others. These problems plague many cars that are no longer under warranty.
  • What is J2534?
  • SAE J2534 is a standard for communications between a computer and a vehicle.
  • All automakers provide a J2534 service to EVERYONE  for reprogramming (also called re-flashing) emissions related controllers.


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